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In keeping with their diversified farming philosophy, Yerwal Estate operates a 100 sow piggery along with the three cattle studs, feed lot and commercial cattle. Established in 1975, the piggery business was fundamental in supporting the farm during tough times.

Today, the piggery operation consists of 100 F1 sows (large white cross landrace) mated to terminal sire duroc boars. All of the progeny are then sold to Coles through Primo. This contract commitment prohibits any private sales of any kind. Yerwal Estate sells light baconers every fortnight with an average dressed weight of 70kgs.

Pig farming is a very labour intensive operation and employs one fulltime employee (Piggery Manager - Lindsay Dreckow) Monday to Friday with Trevor and Regan working over the weekends. The piggery itself is closed to the public for quarantine, QA and disease control reasons with the exception of the Lucindale Area School whose agricultural students’ visit annually to learn about the operation.

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